SmartFeed Team

Linsly Donnelly

CEO & Founder

Mom of three, Linsly brings decades of experience building teams, products, brands and businesses. She is a start-up veteran (co-founder and C.O.O., C.M.O., Mission Control, co-founder and GM – YogaLoftMB), strategist (Bain & Company, Coca Cola USA, Kraft GF), family advocate (author – Happy Go Local: Smart Mom’s Guide to Living the Good (and Sustainable Life), advisor (LAs BEST – After School enrichment), and PTA President. Linsly, her husband and 3 kids live in the Bay Area.

Didi Engel

Consumer Insights & Business Development - Co-Founder

Mom of two, internet veteran (XO Media), and consumer products manager (P&G), Didi has spent the past two decades leading teams in business development and eCommerce and building dozens of strategic partnerships with companies such as Target, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy’s. Her greatest passions, however, are her family and raising her 8 and 10 year old boys.

Susan George

Marketing Communications

Mom of two (three if you count the dog) and tech start up veteran, Susan George is a marketing strategist with more than two decades of experience in branding and communications. She’s helped create and refine the brands for dozens of start-up technology companies, including Danger, Placecast, Skyfire and more, and has also worked with major brands such as Visa and Intel on targeted marketing initiatives.

Boris Sedov

Technical Lead

Perfect developer and team leader. Master of Applied Math and Informatics. Certified e-commerce developer with dozens of finished solutions. Mad skills in electronics and cars. Keen on new technologies and effective solutions.

The Curator Team

We have a dedicated team of curators that comb through thousands of titles to ensure they represent the best of kids’ media. They range from librarians to developers to teachers and span from California to Massachusetts! We are grateful for the “human touch” they bring to our database. 


Berkeley, CA


  • Children 3 and 7 yrs old
  • Master of Library and Information Science
  • Master of Arts, Education, Early Childhood emphasis
  • School and Community Librarian
  • First Grade Teacher
  • Media Favorites for kids – I Want My Hat Back (book), Etter Drei (app), Moo Cow Fan Club (website), Toy Story (movie)



Walnut Creek, CA


  • Children 13 and 16 yrs old
  • Elementary School Computer Lab teacher
  • Director of Online Services for Auction Company – (records categorization)
  • Print Production Coordinator for Pacific Bell’s 120 Local Area Pages directories for state of CA
  • Library Staff when attending UC Berkeley
  • Media Favorites for kids – King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub (book), My Neighbor Totoro (movie)



Bloomington, IL


  • Children 1 and 5 yrs old
  • Master of Library and Information Science, Concentrations in Technology and Youth Services
  • Librarian Assistant, where she led programming for children and teens
  • During Grad School mastered SQL and enjoyed her favorite class, database design
  • Writing Consultant, The Writing Center
  • Editor in Chief, Campus Literary Journal, Truman State University
  • Media Favorites for kids – Spirited Away (movie), Endless Reader (app), David the Gnome (TV show), A Wrinkle in Time (book)



Southborough, MA


  • Children – 7 and 13 yrs old
  • Bachelors in Genetics; Masters in Business Administration
  • Library Assistant
  • Creator of the kids book review blog Hugs & Books
  • Designer and developer for Pearson Education subscription management service
  • Java and HTML programmer
  • Media Favorites for kids – KungFu Panda (movie), Mulan (movie), Wild Kratts (TV show), The Harry Potter series (books), The One and Only Ivan (book), The Nutcracker (book)


The Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board, Technical Advisors, Parent Panel and loads of curious kids have helped shape SmartFeed since the very beginning.  We appreciate their ongoing wisdom and support. 


Crista Bailey – CEO, Andrew Harper Travel

Rich Bergsund – CEO,

Chris Donnelly – EVP Product and Design, Oakley

Jon Funk – Partner, Founder Ocean Road Partners

David Sanderson – Managing Partner, Global Media, Bain & Company

Jan Swartz – President Princess Cruiselines

Paula Truong Ocheltree – CEO, Peeka Foods, Zentrum Motors

Technical Advisors

Jocelyn Mangan – CPO Snag A Job

Kristy McKnight – VP  Product Development Intuit,, ABC Learning

Geoff Smalling – CTO 500 Friends

Scott San Filippo – Gracenote, EA, Liquid