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Tired of Fighting? 3 Ways You Can Embrace Kids' Screen Time

Having grown up in the '70s, my natural default as a parent would be to rip the electronic devices out of my kids' hands and send them outside to play. Surely if I do this often enough I will find them creating magical moments together building a fort, perfecting a soccer juggle or drawing sidewalk chalk masterpieces, right? Wrong! Expecting my kids' childhood to mimic mine defies common sense--the world changes for each parenting generation ... [Read More]



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Piquing Our Geek: Can SmartFeed make our kids' media more mindful, not mindless?

Trying to manage my three kids time spent and content viewed on all the various devices we have in this house is one of the most thankless, naggy jobs out there. They don't fully understand why I say "NO" to the newest app, or why YouTube is blocked, or why I start yelling at them to put down the iPad and get outside already.

So I'm intrigued by a new online subscription service called SmartFeed which promises ... [Read More]


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Are Your Kids Becoming Digitial Zombies?

The American Academy of Pediatrics proposes two hours of screen time per day. But the actual amount kids are getting is SEVEN house per day. That number only goes up during the summer months. But here are some ideas to protect our children from digital addiction and to use it to our advantage ... [Watch More]


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SmartFeed: Helping Parents Balance A Child's Media Consumption

There is no easy way to tell a child that they can't have technology when all their friends do. A child is never going to say they're not interested in technology. They're surrounded by it at school and they want to be on it all the time. In comes SmartFeed, a powerful new tool to help parents enbrace technology while still maintaining control ... [Read More]


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Seven Movies & More to Reinforce Gratitude (Not Entitlement) to Kids During the Holidays

There is a scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas in which Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, is writing her Christmas letter. Charlie Brown quickly becomes disgusted as Sally dictates what promises to be a long, very specific list and says Santa could always just send cash. As her brother walks away, Sally says, "All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share."

It’s a funny moment because few children would state the sentiment so baldly, but it plays to a fear many parents experience close to ... [Read More]


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The SmartFeed App Looks to ‘Serve Up Better Media for Kids’

When Linsly Donnelly confronted one of the most vexing parenting challenges of the modern age – managing the content her kids consume during screen time – she did what any Bain & Company alum, ecommerce innovator, tech industry vet, author and entrepreneur would do: She created a company to address it. Donnelly, who moved with her husband and three kids (ages 6, 7 and 10) from Orange County ... [Read More]


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SmartFeed Earns 5-Star Rating from the Educational App Store

SmartFeed is an interesting app designed to help the parent/carer curate appropriate media into one intuitive programme based on a set of criteria determined by the child and/or the adult. As a parent rightly points out on the feedback video, when we were young we only had three TV channels to choose from, actually with me it was two, but now the children have a tremendous choice which can be delightful, but also daunting and dangerous ... [Read More]


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SmartFeed Earns a Place on Tutora's "Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017" List

A HUGE THANK YOU Daisy Dyer Duerr for nominating SmartFeed for this honor! 

SmartFeed is the parents' trusted platform to curate, deliver, manage and connect to their kids' digital media – across all content and devices. Media is increasingly everywhere, especially in front of our children. Kids find and consume it easily, just like junk food. SmartFeed aims to change the paradigm: rather than just filtering out the junk, this tool helps parents feed their kids positive, engaging, healthy content instead ... [Read More]