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Education Excellence for all Students!  Regardless of Zip Code or Socio-Economic Factors


1)   Positively impact as many schools, students, educators, & communities as I possibly can.

2)   Create a Culture in Rural Education where ALL Students receive an excellent education & High Value is placed on Postsecondary Education & Training.  (Exposure to high-tech learning tools & differentiated teaching methods used in top institutions must become the norm in all rural schools.)

3)   Work toward an Education System where Location & Socio-Economic Status NEVER Determine the Quality of Education you receive.

4)   Work directly with School Districts, Federal & State Governments, and various Organizations to accomplish these goals.

**Daisy in Planbook's 20 Classroom Innovators!**

5 soft skills
5 Soft Skills to Teach This Year

With our continued shift to a technology-driven society, few days go by that I don’t have a conversation with someone concerned about “today’s kids’ ” lack of “Soft Skills.” As the mother of 2 of these aptly named “GEN Z” babies…I can understand the worry. As an adult who has simply adapted to the culture, not grown up in it, I often find myself buried in my mobile phone rather than having an actual conversation. I’ve even recently learned a “wear your ear buds to avoid conversation” trick when I’m exhausted…from my twelve year old.

Yet soft skills remain some of the most important things employers look for when hiring according to the Job Scan Blog.  As educators our job is to ensure our students are prepared for success when they leave our classrooms/schools. I wholeheartedly believe a HUGE... Read more

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