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Meet Our Experts on Kids Media

July 21, 2017By Linsly, Founder

Don't Go It Alone: Meet Our Experts on Kids Media 

As our kids grow up, we look for different experts throughout different stages of their development.
Some days we search for kids’ movie, app, or books experts. Sometimes we need a preschool content expert. Then an elementary-aged expert. At times we seek educational consultants or coaches for our kid’s learning differences.
That's why we built SmartFeed to be your One Stop Shop for all things Family Media – and that includes – all the editorial points of view you may want for any title you’re considering. 

Our deep bench of notable media experts is what sets us apart. 


With that in mind we present to you...


Three Ways To Use SmartFeed Like An Expert


1) Become A Filtering Pro


Our 30,000+ database of kids media titles is massive. That's where filtering saves the day. We've built easy-to-use tools that allow you to hone in quickly on what matters to you most. 

There are hundreds of awards bestowed upon thousands of titles every year. We've pared down the awards to the top dozen or so that we feel are most meaningful when it comes to recognizing quality kids media. 



instructional photo showing how to use filtering />

So go ahead and filter by your favorite awards and see what goodies SmartFeed will surface for your family. 



2) Leverage Editorial Views That Make Discovery Easy


Awards aren't the only thing that matters when it comes to assessing the quality of kids media options. We have partnered with many respected experts, such as Common Sense Media, Children's Technology Review and Tech With Kids ( name a few).


instructional photo showing how to look for Expert Badges


When browsing specific kids media titles, look for badges that our partners have awarded. This recognition is another way to be sure that a particular title is a worthy investment of your time.


3) Follow the Experts Whose POV Aligns With Yours

Our deep bench of notable media experts is what sets us apart. We work closely with respected organizations such as Parents Television Council, Greater Good Science Center and Great Schools.

We also employ or partner with individuals who are notable in their own right. For example, Daisy Dyer Duerr,  is known as a tireless crusader who works to ensure educational excellence is equally available to all.

collage of the SmartFeed noted experts


We are immensely proud of our wide-ranging (and impressive!) roster of Kids Media Experts. We encourage you to find one (or several) who share your personal viewpoint. Peruse their Playlists, read their SmartFeed blog posts and visit their websites. We are confident that you'll find a SmartFeed Expert who resonates with you. 

We'd be honored if you considered the SmartFeed Experts an extension of your parenting self!