Blog Round-up

We are honored to have had so many supportive people from around the Blogosphere introduce SmartFeed to their readership. Below is a partial list of some of our favorite articles from our favorite content creators. Please take the time to explore their sites and signup for the newsletters of our wonderful partners. If you are a blogger and would like to work with us, drop us a line anytime.

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10 Positive Kids Apps & eBooks When You Need 30 Minutes

Urban Sitter: As a longtime technology entrepreneur, I truly believe in the power of digital media, but as a parent, I worry about the content that’s out there. That’s why I founded SmartFeed to give parents a tool to manage screen time with customized media options to inspire, educate, and entertain kids. We put together expert playlists for education and entertainment to help more parents, find content they’ll love for the kids and ... [ read more ]



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14 Christmas Classics to Spark Kids’ Holiday Spirit

Activity Hero Blog: Many of the following movies, books, and TV shows will be familiar to you, bringing back fond memories of Christmases gone by, but they may be “new” for your kids! Take some time this holiday season to introduce your family to a title that made you feel like you just couldn’t wait for the holidays. There might even be a few titles here that you missed out on when you were just a “tiny reindeer” yourself ... [ read more ]

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Parents Can Make Digital Media Matter With Smartfeed

Mrs Disciple: Every Friday night, my family gathers around our living room for Pizza Movie Night. Plates piled high with pizza and cups with lids (because we spill a lot) sit in laps and on the oversized ottoman. Because we rarely turn the TV on during the week, the kids buzz with excitement. Mom and Dad exhale the final breath of our week-long race, wordlessly proclaiming ... [ read more ]



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Sign up for SmartFeed! It’s FREE! Engaging Media just for Kids!

Mom Does Reviews: Media is increasingly everywhere ... especially in front of our children. Instead of just filtering out bad content, it’s time to drive positive content to them - thoughtfully and easily. SmartFeed’s Mission: To drive a massive, positive impact on the next generation’s frame of mind by giving parents a tool to take back their share of voice by better managing ... [ read more ]


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SmartFeed’s Top 10 Halloween Movies + Shows + Apps + Books For Your Kids!

Ronnie's Awesome List: Boo! My favorite season – Halloween –  has arrived. The air crackles with pumpkin spiced fall flavor and crooked candle lit grins. A family favorite tradition – costume consideration. Last night we sunk into the couch, orange skeleton blanket draped around huddled shoulders, and commenced… online costume recon. One and a half hot chocolates later we emerged with ... [ read more ]


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SmartFeed: Fun for Kids, Easy for Parents

Punky MomsSmartFeed knows media is everywhere. You can’t turn around without being bombarded by unsolicited opinions, ads, and images. We think it’s time to search out good content instead of just trying to find the best filter to weed out the $%@#. SmartFeed does exactly that, and when they approached us to pair up, we were all about it! It’s like having a mom guide on tap for ... [ read more ]


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Control What Kids See During Screentime, Filter Explicit Materials With This App

BellyItch The Blog: Screen time just got easier with a new social information sharing platform for parents that allows them to select appropriate content for their children to see while they're online. Smartfeed is a relatively new desktop interface that allows users to search over 27,000 movies, TV shows, apps and books and curate them all on one profile for each child. Parents can also select from among ... [ read more ]



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Great Parenting hack for guilt-free screen time: SmartFeed

Dubai Is Our Sandbox: Media is increasingly everywhere ... especially in front of our children. Do you ask yourself how much screen time is too much? Are you concerned with what’s being ‘fed’ to our children. Sure you do ... we all do. Still, I am the first one to admit using tech gadgets to entertain my children because they are convenient.  ... [ read more ]



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Website Spotlight: SmartFeed

Motherhood Moment: From iPods, tablets and computers, to phones, video games and digital toys ... staying on top of the media their kids watch and play is a major daily challenge for parents. Kids end up spending many mindless hours in front of screens and in an instant can be exposed to content you wished they hadn’t seen. What if screen time could instead be spent watching ... [ read more ]


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SmartFeed Is Serving Up Better Media For Kids

5 Minutes For Mom: Kids today consume hours of unsupervised digital media a day. We literally hand our children devices and tablets for entertainment – and other than limiting screen time and ensuring they’re not watching REALLY bad stuff, we hardly know what they are doing. This is not because we’re bad parents, but as you know, it’s extremely challenging to stay on top of managing the choices of ... [ read more ]