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How SmartFeed works


Customize your child’s profile. Choose interests, academics and character traits.

Customize Playlists

Get personalized recommendations. Make playlists based on kids’ topics or situations like family movie night.

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When it’s screen time, check your kid’s SmartFeed or peruse another playlist.

Trusted by Parents and Experts

“I can’t say how happy I am to have found SmartFeed. They have made my media searching for my kids better, safer and easier.”
“Whoa! My oldest kiddo (10) just used his SmartFeed library to find a movie for all three kids (10,7,6) to watch. Wahooo! Date night is on - no stress. Thanks!”
“I am in AWE of how great this tool is. So easy to find what I need for my kids - stops the stress and the fighting!”
“Thank you for saving me time on finding something great to read - with SmartFeed I no longer worry about bad, negative media for my daughters. The recommended list I get weekly is right on point!”
“I’ve lined up my kids’ road trip movies, apps and books thanks to SmartFeed! One stop recommendation lists!”
“Three kids, 11 hours on the road and one screen - THANK YOU SmartFeed, for loading it up with movies they’d watch and we’d feel good about.”
March of the Penguins
March of the Penguins
  • Movie
  • G
  • Ages 6+

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Positive Messages:
Negative Content:

Peace of Mind

We’ve done the research on over 30,000 apps, movies, tv shows and books. Want to know if that movie is safe for your 4-year-old? We’ll help you figure it out in less than 5 minutes with our detailed SmartFeed analysis!

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Experts I research: Tech With Kids, Common Sense, Childrens' Tech Review, Learning Works For Kids, A Mighty...

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We are committed to doing our part to improve children's education by guiding parents and educators in navigating the confusing world of...

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of digital media to positively shape the growth of our kids!

We believe parents know best about what their kids need!

We believe in content that inspires, broadens & sparks curiosity!

We are SmartFeed and we are dedicated to helping YOU find the good stuff that’s out there for YOUR kids.

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