How SmartFeed Works


Too many media options, ever-changing screen devices and an endless barrage of kids' requests of "Can't I watch it?" "Can I play this?" "I don't have anything to read"... and more.

We feel your pain.

Kids consume 8+ hours of media a day. The challenge of making sure that media is more than just "ok" can overwhelm any parent. 

Wondering if a media title suits your filters for kids? 

We take the time to review leading children's media resources and aggregate their feedback in one spot for you to digest and consider for your family.

Looking for media to reinforce kids' interests, academic areas or your family values? 

Our curators hand tag titles more than 300 topics so you can quickly surface the right list of media to engage and inspire your child.

Need quick solutions and ideas?

Our curators have built 50+ Staff Pick lists you can save directly to your library. Like a curator's style or POV? Follow them and their picks will automatically go into your Feed for new ideas weekly (none of our kids seem happy to have just last month - or week's! - movies, TV shows, apps or books).

Hoping to connect your family community to like-minded media?

We've set up easy playlist and sharing features so you can spread the word about what works for you.

All this sounds great and you want to learn more?

Check out our new video which explains How SmartFeed works.

Want more tips?

Check out quick videos "How to get the most of your SmartFeed" video series.

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