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LearningWorks for Kids was founded on the principle that popular video games and other digital media, when used mindfully and responsibly, can be powerful tools for sharpening and improving children’s academic performance and cognitive Thinking Skills. This is especially true for the children we call Alternative Learners: kids who struggle with everything from mild learning difficulties to diagnosed disorders such as Asperger’s, Dyslexia, and ADHD.

The LWK team has created an online platform for informing and instructing parents on how to enrich and enhance their kids’ digital play time. Their expansive collection of Apps+ technology guides provide even the most digitally inexperienced moms and dads with the expertise and know-how to identify which Thinking Skills their children need help with, choose the best games and technologies for their children, and connect their children’s screen time to real-world situations and opportunities for learning.

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Dinnertime hack
Should You Hack Your Family to get them to the Dinner Table?

You have probably seen this ad making its rounds on Facebook; hidden cameras capture tech-absorbed kids who don’t notice that the room around them is being rearranged. Worse, they don’t notice that the people doing the rearranging are complete strangers. It preys on a parent’s worst digital-age fear: that they are losing their kids to video games and social media. The proposed solution is a device disguised as a pepper grinder that interrupts a wi-fi connection and shuts down tech devices. But do you really need to hack your own family in order to have dinner with them? Is there a better way to set screen time limits?

The so-called Pepper Hacker appeals to many parents who feel like they have no other options. And it may be just the thing for families dealing with severe behavioral problems. But it isn’t something the average family... Read more

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