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3 kids - Boy 10, Girl 7, Boy 6

Experts I research: Tech With Kids, Common Sense, Childrens' Tech Review, Learning Works For Kids, A Mighty Girl, The Representation Project and the Parent TV Council.

Hi, as the founder of SmartFeed, I'm passionate about harnessing the power of media to teach, inspire and entertain kids. I'm an entrepreneur and parent. Topics I dive into include social emotional learning and positive psychology apps, games, shows and movies that contribute to children’s personal growth.

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Make Sense of What's Streaming on Your Kids' Devices!
August 16, 2017By Linsly, Founder

Parent Television Council Helps Parents Make Sense of Streaming Services

What’s streaming on your kids’… tablet? OTT? SVOD?

Is it AOK??

Exhale, grab a cup of tea and curl up to dive into the answer. Grab this guide - compliments of one of our leading experts- the Parent Television Council – to make sense of the channel complexity these streaming services introduce into your parenting problem set.

Today’s parents battle an increasingly complex media environment for the most critical thing any parent craves – the ability to positively influence how their kids’ see the world.

Regardless of what each family’s values are, all parents want to share a value set that builds the character traits they see as critical to children’s health and life-long happiness.  However, as screen time grabs more hours from kids’ days,... Read more

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