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SmartFeed is hiring Curators to help us consider reviews for kids’ content including apps, games, movies, books, and TV shows.

SmartFeed receives and aggregates reviews and recommendations for apps, games, movies, books and TV shows from multiple content sources to form an aggregated database of all media content. The reviews contain a description and in most cases have been assigned certain attributes / characteristics as well as “things you should know.”



Curators will be responsible for the taxonomy of titles in the database. They will review each title to confirm the categorization and attributes or assign new ones. In addition, they will read and proofread each review to:

  • Confirm basic data looks correct (title, ratings, links, etc.)
  • Provide a POV (tiebreaker) in cases where two reviews / sources have very different perspectives
  • Roll up feedback to simplify user experience if three or more reviews / sources are provided
  • Provide recommendations for equivalent content, “If you like X, you will like Y” OR recommendations for equivalent content for younger / different ages or family values



  • Curators should be familiar with children’s content, ideally both digital (apps and games) and traditional (books, movies, TV), but experience in one area is sufficient
  • Strong attention to detail in writing, spelling and grammar
  • Experience with quality / fact checking in any context
  • Experience in categorizing and assigning attributes to children’s content (e.g. librarian, bookstore employee)
  • Passion for the best media and content for kids
  • Comfort with technology and data entry
  • Ability to meet deadlines for output



  • Compensation varies based upon hourly time commitment and experience.



  • Flexible hours and work from home
  • Curators will become familiar with great kids’ content (helpful to moms, teachers, librarians, and book store employees)
  • Curators can request to focus on reviews for a specific age range of children’s content, to make it relevant to their own interests


If you'd like to join us email a copy of your resume or profile to: