About SmartFeed

What is SmartFeed?

We're your one-stop shop to help you navigate the daily challenge of kids and media. Staying on top of what kids watch, play and share is time-consuming and difficult, which leads to hours of mindless screen time, and even exposure to harmful content.

We created SmartFeed to make it easy for you to manage screen time with customized media options to inspire, educate and entertain every kind of kid.


Here’s How it Works:

  1. FIND

You start by setting up profiles for each child with their interests, character traits or values you’d like to focus on and academic areas you want to reinforce. SmartFeed then searches through more than 30,000 apps, movies, books and TV shows to come up with customized, sortable Recommendations for your family.


You can quickly review media titles in your Feed, hide the ones you don’t want to see again, and save the ones you like to your child’s Library or a playlist. As your child grows, adjust filters at any time to keep your Library up to date with new content options they will love.

  1. SHARE

You can easily rate and review what you’ve seen and share it with your SmartFeed community and find out what media is working well in other households similar to yours.


SmartFeed is FREE for anyone to use. We are committed to constant improvement and regularly release new features and functionality. In November 2016 we released our first IOS app to allow for media curation on the go. Are you ready to get started today?



A Word From Our Founder…

I founded SmartFeed to give parents a tool I really needed in my own house and couldn’t find anywhere – a way to stay on top of what my kids were doing on laptops, tablet and smartphones in our home, and offer them meaningful ways to use that technology.

As a longtime technology entrepreneur, I truly believe in the power of digital media, but as a parent, I worry about the content that’s out there and the mindlessness of the media our kids spend so much time in front of…. Rather than that time being wasted, or even harmful, what if instead it could contribute to their growth as little human beings?

With SmartFeed, we help parents find the “good stuff” that’s out there and can help shape kids in a positive way. We believe “parents know best” about what their kids need. And with customized content options for every kind of kid, parents can harness the power of digital media to offer up content that inspires, broadens, sparks curiosity and helps their kids grow.

I’m most excited about our focus on positive psychology media and social-emotional learning that can support kids in building critical life skills. 

Shouldn’t media be nutritious just like food? We think so, and we are building SmartFeed to help make it easy to serve up better media for kids.

We hope SmartFeed helps make parenting in the digital age easier for you!


SmartFeed is a platform for parents to easily and quickly find great media content for their kids, all in one place.

How do we do this?  We have both rich technology (data and algorithms) and smart people (our curator team) behind our platform. We do the work for you, so that you can find exactly what’s right for your family.

Even though we work to know everything we can about kids' media content, we are not media experts. We pull reviews and hand-curate lists to surface great content from multiple editorial sources. And then we organize it so that YOU can be the expert about what your kids watch, read, play and share. Learn more abour our resources and experts we trust.


The SmartFeed Founder and her family



The best way to take advantage of SmartFeed is set up your free account. Simply dive in and take just two minutes to set up profiles for your child(ren). 

Visit our FAQ Page for any support you want through set-up and usage. If you have questions we haven’t answered, please contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours). 

We also have many resources available to help you with parenting in the digital age! The SmartFeed blog offers up tips and tricks about using SmartFeed and new content offerings, as well links to as interesting articles and discussions about kids’ media.