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How Smartfeed Works

Make Screen Time Matter

SmartFeed makes navigating the world of digital media a whole lot easier for parents, offering better control over what their kids watch, play and share.  Make screen time the time to entertain, educate and inspire your kids with SmartFeed.

How SmartFeed Works

With SmartFeed, parents can curate media options based on detailed preferences, enable push delivery to family devices, manage what kids are doing on family devices, and finally connect to other like-minded families to share media recommendations.



By Child & Age
Across Media Types
By Device and Subscription Type



Content “Ready Loaded”
Smart Recommendations
Compatible with All Devices



Content & Usage per Device
Time Limits by Content & Device
Child GPS Tracking Option



Parent-Generated Ratings & Reviews
Other Families Media Settings
School’s Tech Usage

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What Parents Are Saying…

Three kids, 11 hours on the road and 1 screen - THANK YOU, SmartFeed, for loading it up with movies they'd watch (without bickering!) and we'd feel good about the ScreenTime

We had a house full of kids ranging from 3 to 12 years old - a nice difference to have tablets loaded with a few games they could actually play together - across ages and interest - girls and boys - for at least a half hour of quiet chaos...

Found a TV show forgot we all liked. Thanks for the time to catch up on life a bit with a good show rolling

Trying to find a coding teaching solution our kids stick with. None via school and striking out in after-school classes. Success with the hit list of top coding apps!

Loaded up our 10 year old boy's "Library" with 3 pages of apps, movies and TV shows. Now, the last 3 times he's asked if he can download an app - if it's in his library - it's easy. And, when it's not - he tells me what he learns about it looking it up on SmartFeed and we can decide together. Turned what was a stressful, irritating request into something with a sense of independence for him and understanding / control back for me.

Hooray! SmartFeed made finding a movie the whole family would love SO much easier!